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So the first book is done, it’s out there in print and e-book versions and I took a big breath once it got  posted to Amazon. But I forgot to let it out. I’ve been known to hold my breath at critical moments. Just ask my one-time horseback riding instructor, Liz. Did it over the jumps every time. Well, I…

Dandelion Wishes

Windswept words, barren, empty, whisked away like so many dandelion seeds. Dreams that never formed nor took flight; whimsical longings caught up to heaven on the breath of mourning. Sometimes it’s that I do not know the outcome. Sometimes it is precisely that I do. But wishes ever ride the tide of something, I always thought for me could not…

What Are Dreams?

        . . . and what are dreams but the smoldering desires of the subconscious? Illusive, wispy thoughts wavering in liquid silver on moonlit starry nights; sweet warm breaths of longing that tousle the hair and flutter the soul; wide yearning opening it’s delicately sensuous fingers to caress the throbbing edges of the mind.


WHAT INSPIRES YOU? What is it in life that gets your blood pumping? Makes you say, “Wow!” Keeps you going when you’d otherwise want to give up. What makes you think, I’d love to be like that? I’d love to have that kind of motivation, that kind of energy, that kind of heart. What kinds of things–sights, words of inspiration,…

A Funny Thing Happened: The Day I Ran Out of Gas

The winding country road stretched out ahead, not another vehicle in sight. It was a perfect day for a long ride. I’d just left work around 3:00 pm and decided to go for it. Get out on my own and learn the ins and outs of my new motorcycle. The 1984 custom, Harley, Sporster I’d bought on e-bay was my…

In the Shadow of Porter's Hollow by Yvonne Schuchart
What’s In A Name?

In my recent email announcement about the release of my book, In the Shadow of Porter’s Hollow, I promised readers would find a blog post explaining the pen name (nom de plume, pseudonym) I am writing under. My dad, Edd Testerman, was from Grassy Creek,  North Carolina. If the place sounds familiar, that’s because it is in the book. But please…

New Book Release

In the Shadow of Porter’s Hollow  The book I’ve been working on, and promising to keep followers up to date about, is available now on Amazon in e-book and paperback, Here’s hoping readers find the finished result intriguing and entertaining! I worked with Demi Stevens at Year of the Book Press for about nine months to pull this book together,…

Gas Pipeline Leak and Travel Plans

Anyone planning on traveling through the east coast states within the next week? Plan ahead for possible challenges to find gasoline. Or at least for temporary price increases per gallon at the pump. According to an online article by Charles Riley of CNN today, it could be 5-15¢ in GA, NC, TN, and VA; and 10-20¢ in SC. 500,000 gallons…

Tumbling Workout

Love tumbling. Awesome to watch those lithe young gymnasts hit the mat head over heels, over head, over heels, over and over again across the floor. Everyone cheers and the adrenaline courses through my body even though I’m just sitting there watching–on TV. Never actually been to one of those events but I do get to the gym once or…

Porter’s Hollow Series News

Book cover, Bookmarks and Author’s Business Card These designs were done by my daughter Rebecca Magar along with the cover art for the book itself. Awesome, exciting stuff. This marketing thing can be fun. It lets you use your creative side in so many ways besides the writing. Love these. I am just so thrilled with the way things are…

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