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Book reviews, they are what they are, book reviews.
In the Shadow of Porter's Hollow by Yvonne Schuchart
Book Reviews: Exciting Stuff

Funny, I never got excited about book reviews when I was in school. I greeted the assignment with a groan, even my desk and chair creaked in protest. At the time, writing my thoughts on what somebody else wrote didn’t seem to have any practical value. Now I am a writer, and book reviews are golden. Your words about my…

Review of Payback–M. C. Hillegas

LINK The above link is to a book I just read. I’d give this one five stars. See review below. REVIEW In this debut novel, M. C. Hillegas creates characters so believable, so real they could be you or me. No perfect, model people here. The story leaves the reader feeling invested in their plight. The protagonist, Sarah Gavin,…

Critique/Thoughts on Ray Bradbury

I was at the library today searching for copies of Seeds of Destruction, and Seeds of Deception, both on Genetically Modified seeds (which my librarian is working on getting for me) when I came across a rather thick volume of short stories by Ray Bradbury. Because, of course, I couldn’t leave the library empty-handed. Anyway, I realized as I perused the fiction section…

Stephen King - On Writing
Stephen King on Writing

As every aspiring writer does, I have a few books in my repertoire on the art of writing that I would recommend. One I recently discovered was Stephen King’s, On Writing, subtitled A Memoir of the Craft. I discovered  it online and didn’t realize it had been out since 2000. As the title suggests it is something of a memoir of his own life…