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Return to Porter's Hollow by Yvonne Schuchart

Return to Porter’s Hollow by Yvonne Schuchart

Born in the shadow of its folklore, Laura Evans thought she’d left it all behind. Now troubled by paranormal visions brought on by a family curse, this steadfast mother, daughter, and social worker must do whatever it takes to bring a murderer to justice and save her family …

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Cute Cat
Book Signing for Pets In Need

A Porter’s Hollow Series Book Signing Yvonne Schuchart will be at the Dover Community Center, 3700 Davidsburg Rd., Dover, Pa 17315 for a book signing at the local BARk’s Spring Bazaar. BARk’s is a non-profit organization benefitting pets in need in West York, Pennsylvania. Contact at westyorkbark@gmail.com Book Signing for Pets in Need Yvonne is offering a Book Signing for Pets…


NEW BOOK RELEASE RETURN TO PORTER’S HOLLOW The second book in the Porter’s Hollow Series is out! Can’t wait for you to read it and let me know what you think. Click on the link to order your copy from Amazon:  http://amzn.to/2ykiZhH


Research as a Distraction? You bet. Big distraction. Surfing for information on the web is downright fun. A person learns all kinds of things on the web. Don’t know how we ever managed without it before. If the feds ever confiscate my computer, they’ll call me in for questioning for–who knows what? Did you know you can even look up…