for-web-pageSo the first book is done, it’s out there in print and e-book versions and I took a big breath once it got  posted to Amazon. But I forgot to let it out. I’ve been known to hold my breath at critical moments. Just ask my one-time horseback riding instructor, Liz. Did it over the jumps every time.

Well, I held that breath after publishing (figuratively speaking of course) right up till after the York Book Expo where I presented In the Shadow of Porter’s Hollow in public myself for the first time. Finally, the day after the event I let it out, and my energy went with it. Wow, I wasn’t prepared for the book lag. Took me three days to perk up. Got that same anticipation/let down thing I used to as a kid whenever we got to go somewhere or do something exciting that’d been planned for months or weeks in advance.

Once I got past the book lag, I went through all the stuff I brought home and began to review things, take stock of what I’d experienced. I met some other authors and got some new tips on marketing. Learned about their writing habits and what to expect from events like the book expo.

One thing the author at the table next to me, Susan Gourley/Kelley, talked about was setting up a book table at market type places like Stauffer’s of Kistle Hill, a greenhouse and garden store in the area. Andrew Craven, three tables over said he finds small town street fair/craft fairs a good place to present his work. Both talked about getting out to non-author specific sites/events where your table may be the only one selling books, or one of few at least.

I’m looking for venues to present my work from so their tips were invaluable.

Meanwhile I’m back at the computer busily working on the sequel to In the Shadow of Porter’s Hollow. Haven’t settled on a title for sure yet. If anyone reading this has ideas, please feel free to share.

Oh, and if you know of anyone interested in allowing me to set up a vendor table and book signing, please let me know.




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I am enjoying the book, I know I should be finished…but I am spacing it out because I don’t want that same let down feeling when I am done. SO much like you I have felt that way after important events and moments in my life. I am savoring my book one chapter at a time.

Thanks Sherry. Isn’t it funny how no matter how old you get there’s still that “Oh, no, its’ all over!” feeling? Enjoy!

Me too! Post partum may very well be natural, but it stinks.
Keep writing and reaching out to your NEXT BIG THING!

Oh, wow, I’m sorry. I just saw this Demi. Thanks so much. That is such an apt description. It really is like giving birth. But it is still exciting too.

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