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In the Shadow of Porter's Hollow by Yvonne SchuchartIn the Shadow of Porter’s Hollow 

The book I’ve been working on, and promising to keep followers up to date about, is available now on Amazon in e-book and paperback,

Here’s hoping readers find the finished result intriguing and entertaining!

I worked with Demi Stevens at Year of the Book Press for about nine months to pull this book together, though it all began more than two years ago. I started on my own but found myself struggling to stay motivated, and at a loss about how to find a publisher. Then in October 2015 I attended the York Book Expo and discovered Demi.  I also found a network of friends and writers among the local authors featured there. All in all it’s been a great experience.

However, I have decided the writing process is like being pregnant, for however long it takes you to finish a book.  At some point you finally go into labor, and it’s a marathon birthing session, but eventually you push that little bugger right out of your hoo-hoo and it bursts out all red and screaming for attention. (Sorry male readers if this offends, but it’s so apt.)

That’s where this baby is now. A wriggling, wailing newbie crying to be seen and read. Please look it up and enjoy the read, and if you are so motivated, I welcome reviews on Amazon. I would also love to hear from you through my website.


PS:  Laura Evans and Blaine Wilson still have unfinished business, and Curry Porter and the beast are still out there. There is a sequel coming, so stay with me. I’ll keep you posted.

Demi Stevens at Year of the Book Press

York Book Expo

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Congratulations on the new release!

Oops, didn’t see this. Some of my notices are not getting through. Need to check the spam file. Anyway, thanks a bunch!

Arrgh, don’t know how I missed this comment. Sorry. Thank you. And especially thank you for all your help.

Oh, you’re slick! Make me want the sequel… and then make me wait!

Well, you will definitely be the first to read it! Ha, ha.

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