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Writing CompetitionI have begun a new venture. I am researching and entering writer’s competitions. When I was younger these were not practical because most, if not all of them, require entry fees. Raising children, being a stay at home mom, living on one income for a family of six, well, it just wasn’t practical to throw money at a dream.

Ah, but these days, I’m a grown-up with a steady job and doing okay. So, there’s no reason I can’t drop twenty or thirty dollars or so on an investment. Because that is what my writing projects are. An investment into a future that will only become a reality if and when I get serious and give it some real capital–in time especially, but yes, if necessary in seed money.

So, I am looking for competitions that will let me submit both poetry, and fiction. And within the fiction genre, both short and longer works. I’m excited about the possibilities that may open up.

Not having gone this route before, I’m not sure how it will go. But it seems a good way to get my writing “out there” and begin to be heard of at least. Then too it is quicker than the search for agents and publishers who may be interested in my work. And I’m hoping it will give me an idea how my work is received by others outside my family and friends.

We shall see, as they say. If anyone has any comments on writing competitions or knows of any good ones to enter, please feel free to share.

– Photo courtesy of Rob Albright

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