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So today was the day of the York Book Expo I have been posting, tweeting, and Facebook-ing about. And it did not disappoint!

Thoroughly enjoyed the day from the keynote speaker, David Rosenfelt, http://www.davidrosenfelt.com/ to the 62 “vendor” tables, to the informative, insightful conversations with authors and publishers and the representatives–both human and K9–of the local ASPCA that were featured at there as well.

Oh, and I neglected to mention there was no charge for the event. There was a modest $15 fee for the keynote speaker, and he was a New York Times bestseller by the way, but even that was discounted if you just stop in at your local public library within the York County Libraries system in advance http://www.yorklibraries.org/. And who doesn’t love stopping in at the library? Where else can you find so many books for free?

There were also several publishers at the event ready and willing to talk with would-be writers. Many local authors with various stories about their experiences with getting published and willing to share information. And of course, lots and lots of books. A veritable smorgasbord of titles, fiction, non-fiction, and all the nuances of genre in-between.

There were raffle drawings for prizes donated by various crafters, artists, authors, and organizations, over 30 prizes in all. And they were beautiful, well-crafted items.

The children’s activity area featured Clifford the Big Red Dog, crafts to make, face painting, and of course story time. There were many children’s authors featured among the vendors as well.

I made connections with a couple of writers from a Mechanicsburg, Pa writer’s group that I plan to attend, Allison B. Hanson https://allisonbhanson.wordpress.com/, and Heather Heyford http://heatherheyford.com/. Both were very open, friendly, encouraging and insisted I must come to the meetings and get to know the group.

Also met the publisher who was the event coordinator, Demi Stevens of Year of the Book http://yotbpress.com/. She offers writing classes, some free, but also believes in the writer-in-you and encourages that dream. Can’t wait to get started with the classes.

So, I have found a writer’s group to check out, a publisher who also offers instruction in the things I am weak in on days I happen to be available, new books to read and new writers to explore. I’d say it was time well spent. A positive experience I plan to repeat next year as I was assured there will be one annually in York, Pa. In fact, I think I may volunteer to help out.

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