The Poet’s Search


newborn crying



The poet is born

lungs screaming for life

urgently seeking her deepest need–

the search for truth in the illusive word;

that one poignantly perfect poetic expression


naked-born reality,

writhing, hungry, pure,

wearing a living beauty like skin,

(not possessing it like a coat, removable when uncomfortable).

This poet searches for

adjectival justice;

illuminating truth laying bare

the depravity rooted deep within;

transporting truth

conveying the human soul intimately near Heaven’s door

leaving it blushing, breathless, mortified;

transforming truth

that earnestly embraced

elevates the immortal spirit to uncharacteristic glory;

truth in words that can fashion earthly men

into heavenly beings.

So many inadequate words–

the deepest truths elude them;

and all the while

the poet’s search

goes on.

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