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Ok, the new website is up and running, obviously since I am here writing. I am excited, albeit nervous, to offer readers the chance to follow along with me as my work develops. Please take time to browse the site. You can easily link to my facebook or twitter at the bottom of each page on the site as well.

I intend to add lots of pics of south central Pennsylvania as I travel and spot scenery that inspires and intrigues me. I love pictures, hoping you will too.

Feel free to contact me through the site and participate in blogging. I love talking with new people. Maybe we can inspire each other.

I am eternally (I know its an adverb–uggh) grateful to my web hoster (is that grammatically correct in cyber space?) spasticghost.com run by the ever professional Rebecca Zimmerman and Brian Magar. Without them I would be lost in the quicksand of technology forever.

Thought for the day–as a road wizened old motorcyclist put in passing to me, “Keep the shiny side up!”

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