It’s been a while since I posted because . . . I’ve been writing! And writing, and writing, and writing!

And yes, the second draft is done! Yahooeee!

I found it a difficult process. It’s hard to keep track of what you’ve written before and where it fits in the story. Have I said this before? Did I say it too often? Was that a shotgun or a rifle I said the character used? Who saw what, and who knew what when?

Wow, this is work. But it is such a feeling of accomplishment when you achieve a major step.

Now for the reread and edit of this draft. But maybe I’ll give a day or two before I tackle that. It is a whole book! Over 56,000 words still.

This writing thing is really a full time job in itself. Maybe someday I’ll be able to quit the day job and give it more time. But for now, the process is moving forward and I hope to release this book by October if not before.


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Double wahooie!!! Way to go!

Sorry I missed this comment. Forgot to check back. 🙂 Thank you for all your encouragement!

No doubt in my mind Cindy, you’ve got what it takes to be a great writer! Can’t wait to read it. Been in suspense since those first few pages.

Thank you Donna. I hope you’re right!

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