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This is exciting stuff for writer’s–and readers–in this area. Maybe I’ve been in the dark about this, but now that I know, I will be a regular. Can’t wait. It is Saturday, October 17, 2015. Doors open at 11:00am. Check out the link for more details: http://www.yorkbookexpo.org/ I plan to post more about it after I go and find out what…

“Let the Story Write Itself”

I have read more than once lately that a writer should “let the story write itself.” The premise being that you start with an idea and let it develop as you write. It sounded at first like some sort of metaphysical hooey. Like there was some spiritual experience involved between the writer and the word on the page. I thought,…

Critique/Thoughts on Ray Bradbury

I was at the library today searching for copies of Seeds of Destruction, and Seeds of Deception, both on Genetically Modified seeds (which my librarian is working on getting for me) when I came across a rather thick volume of short stories by Ray Bradbury. Because, of course, I couldn’t leave the library empty-handed. Anyway, I realized as I perused the fiction section…

Writing Competition
Writer’s Competitions

I have begun a new venture. I am researching and entering writer’s competitions. When I was younger these were not practical because most, if not all of them, require entry fees. Raising children, being a stay at home mom, living on one income for a family of six, well, it just wasn’t practical to throw money at a dream. Ah,…

Writing Jobs
Not Ready to Quit the Day Job

Photo courtesy of Flazingo Photos I have been writing every opportunity I get. Lunch hour, down times on the job, evenings, days off between cleaning, laundry, spending time with the grownup kids, the grandkids, the significant other. I have several writing projects in the works. I’m in the middle, or just about, of a short novel and still working on…

Website Laptop
Writer’s Webinar

Okay, I have to confess. I just signed up for my very first webinar. I know I am way behind in the times, but only recently have found myself with enough time on my hands to try this. I signed up for Writer’s Digest’s “Do Your E-Book Right (and Start Making Money) by Jane Friedman. It is a 90 minute…

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Up and Running

   Ok, the new website is up and running, obviously since I am here writing. I am excited, albeit nervous, to offer readers the chance to follow along with me as my work develops. Please take time to browse the site. You can easily link to my facebook or twitter at the bottom of each page on the site as well….

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