Middle Age–Who Me?

What is middle age? I finally got the courage to look it up. There were varying opinions, of course. Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary says it’s “the period of life from 45 to 64.” Wikipedia stretched the upper number to 65. I read one article that seemed to think it didn’t start till 60, I liked that one. ¬†http://www.nhs.uk/news/2015/04April/Pages/60-the-new-40-claims-media.aspx Shelley Emling, senior…

Review of Payback–M. C. Hillegas

LINK http://mchillegas.com/ The above link is to a book I just read. I’d give this one five stars. See review below. REVIEW In this debut novel, M. C. Hillegas creates characters so believable, so real they could be you or me. No perfect, model people here. The story leaves the reader feeling invested in their plight. The protagonist, Sarah Gavin,…

Writing Competition
Writer’s Competitions

I have begun a new venture. I am researching and entering writer’s competitions. When I was younger these were not practical because most, if not all of them, require entry fees. Raising children, being a stay at home mom, living on one income for a family of six, well, it just wasn’t practical to throw money at a dream. Ah,…