Things to Consider, Topside

Photo Courtesy of solarisgirl

It’s been too long

since I took time to be mellow.

Living nose to the stone

grinding out a groove to make it all fit

(I keep starting new grooves).

Getting-on-with-it takes focus.

No time for garden variety contemplations,

or to stop and consider

the topsides of June blossoms.

I wonder what they’ll look like

when I’m pushing them up from underneath?


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Precisely how long did it require you to create “Things
to Consider, Topside | Yvonne Schuchart | Fiction Author”?
It comes with an awful lot of excellent details. Thanks ,Katherin

The actual writing took a few hours to get it just right. However, I tend to chew on an idea, thought, or situation for days until it comes to fruition for a poem. Longer works take more thought and rewriting. But, I enjoy the process. Thank you for your comments, Katherin.

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