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Writer's Digest - WebinarOkay, I have to confess. I just signed up for my very first webinar. I know I am way behind in the times, but only recently have found myself with enough time on my hands to try this.

I signed up for Writer’s Digest’s “Do Your E-Book Right (and Start Making Money) by Jane Friedman. It is a 90 minute webinar on you guessed it E-Publishing. I am looking forward to this event and will post about it when it’s over. It is scheduled for Monday, August 26, 2013 at 1:00pm.

Can’t wait.

If anyone reading this has used webinars before, please let me know about your experience.

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Should have got back to this before, I know. But I wanted to post my comments on the webinar.

I felt like this one was informative and helpful, if you are going to brave the e-publishing on your own. But I have found I’m not ready for that just yet.

I have decided to go with Year of the Book Publishing, http://yotbpress.com/ and Demi Stevens to help me surmount the e-world. At least the first time. I am feeling more confident that I will get my book out this year (2016), this way and not make big mistakes. Plus, Demi is a great mentor and the group is a place that offers moral support at the same time.

Can’t beat it. Enjoying the book writing process!

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