In the Shadow of Porter’s Hollow

In The Shadow of Porter’s Hollow

by Yvonne Schuchart

In the Shadow of Porter's Hollow by Yvonne Schuchart Laura Evans is haunted by an unsettled past. Her father disappeared one night from the backwoods of Porter’s Hollow, a shadowy depression in the mountains of North Carolina not far from the little town of Grassy Creek. The only witness, a hostile, virulent uncle, claimed he was attacked by something supernatural.

Laura was born under the long, dark shadow of the events that led up to that night. And now, just when she finds herself widowed and empty-nested, she gets a phone call drawing her back to the place she was whisked away from in a rush of fear and confusion years ago. But she is determined to risk whatever it takes to get to the bottom of a well-kept family secret. Because the skeletons in this closet are real, and someone, or something, doesn’t want them revealed.

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I cant wait ti read this book

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