Cute Cat
Book Signing for Pets In Need

A Porter’s Hollow Series Book Signing Yvonne Schuchart will be at the Dover Community Center, 3700 Davidsburg Rd., Dover, Pa 17315 for a book signing at the local BARk’s Spring Bazaar. BARk’s is a non-profit organization benefitting pets in need in West York, Pennsylvania. Contact at Book Signing for Pets in Need Yvonne is offering a Book Signing for Pets…

Goodbye Old Friend
Goodbye Old Friend

  Goodbye, old friend, run free across those distant hunting fields. Run free, old friend, your un-fenced soul can lead you where it will. Follow your heart, old friend, and, one day, may it lead you on to meadows still; to flowing streams and grassy knolls, where I, at last, will join you in my unfettered soul.