Dublin Library
Dublin’s Trinity

Oh what providence to meet with philosophers and poets. White marble silent sentinels standing at Baroque chapel entrances where Trinity holds 200,000 ancient texts. ‘Tis the mind of Dublin–Trinity– barrel-vaulted brain center; 210 foot Long Room. Two stories– told in tranquil reverence– one of intellect, one of soul. Guardian of light and ancient harp, Boru’s fabled instrument. Vibrant Celtic symbols…

book of kells 3
The Book of Kells

Religion dwells in glass cases in dimly lit enclaves, dark grottoes of light; beehive cells where monks in solicitous solitude scripted holy verse. Gospel on calves’ vellum, beetle wing peacocks, oak apple spirals, Christ in lapis lazuli; apostles, saints, and triskeles with crosses crossing all. Men of holy inspiration turning darkness into light with insular majuscule. Saving impudent civilization, irreverent…